Project for Promotion of Global Human Resource Development

In an era of globalization, today’s society demands globally minded professionals. From the experience and knowledge gained as a national university, The Faculty of Economics at Nagasaki University will meet this challenge by developing a new undergraduate course with the aim to develop students’ abilities within a global context.

【Purpose of Global Human Resources Development】

With our Global Social Responsibility (GSR) mindset, Nagasaki University strives to resolve global issues that often lead to conflicts of interest among parties with diverse cultural backgrounds and different values. By offering a fundamental knowledge of economics, management studies, and accounting, we seek to develop global minded business professionals who are able to solve problems in a satisfactory and practical manner.
【Overview of Concept】
Under this concept, the Faculty of Economics will create a new international business course with the following goals
  1. Awakening the responsibility and desire that forms the basis of a GSR mindset through short-term overseas training and participating in given by experts dealing with global issues
  2. Improving communication skills through group work with international students and the expansion of English language subjects
  3. Developing a practical problem-solving ability in different cultural environments through overseas internships and long-term overseas study programs.

This project has been adopted from the Project for Promotion of Global Human Resource Development Type B (type features) FY 2012 by Japan Society for the Promotion of Science. Summary record of vision and concepts that apply are listed on the page of the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science.

The Faculty of Economics idea for a new international business course

The "International Business Course"(tentative name) is the name given to the course that will aim to develop the students GSR mindset. Please click on the links below for more information.